Can I continue to contribute to my RSA after I have retired and accessed my retirement benefits?

Yes, a retiree receiving monthly pension, who secures another employment after retirement can continue to contribute into his/her RSA

The contributions received will be credited to the retiree’s account as Voluntary Contributions and can be accessed upon expiration of the contract employment.

How can I make additional contributions into my account?

An RSA holder can make additional contributions to his account as Voluntary Contributions (VC). VCs are supplementary contributions that can be made alongside your mandatory contributions to your Retirement Savings Account (RSA). Remittance of VC must come through your employer. The payment schedule provided to your employer has a column for VC: this column should be imputed with the amount you choose to contribute as VC

Your VC will be credited to your existing RSA and your statement of account will also show the details of your VCs to enable you monitor the growth

Please note that only 50% of the VC balance will be available for withdrawal while the remaining 50% shall be retained to augment the retirement benefit of the RSA holder at retirement.

It is equally important to note that Pension Fund Administrators (PFAs) are mandated to apply the current Personal Income Tax (PIT) rates on both the principal and the income earned on VC contributions withdrawn before a vesting period of five years from the date of contribution. 

How do I access my pension benefits in my RSA following the recent exemption of the Military and Security Service Agencies from the Contributory Pension Scheme?

Following the enactment of the enabling legislation exempting all Military and Security Services Agencies (SSA) personnel from the Contributory Pension Scheme from January 2012, we are pleased to inform you that the National Pension Commission (PenCom) has directed the payment of the employee portion of contributions remitted for Military & SSA personnel to their personal bank accounts while the employer portion would be refunded to the Commission through the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

The verification is being done in batches by PenCom in conjunction with Military Pension Board after which PenCom advises the various Pension Fund Administrators of the amount payable (inclusive of interest) to the individual clients.

Kindly liaise with your pension fund administrator (PFA) for further directives.

How do I monitor my contributions?

When an employee opens a Retirement Savings Account (RSA) with a Pension Fund Administrator (PFA), that PFA is required to issue periodic statements of account showing how much has been contributed as well as the returns on investment generated from the contributions. At Tangerine Pensions, we send out quarterly statements to your registered email and correspondence addresses as well as Transaction Notification Services (TNS) whenever there is a transaction on your RSA. You can also monitor your account by:

• Log on to your secure account at with your RSA PIN & Passcode or Registered Mobile Number & Passcode or Registered Email Address & Passcode. Click on forgot password if you do not have your log in details.

I haven’t received any email or SMS alerts in a while. Why?

This may be because your mobile telephone number has changed and you are yet to update your new phone number on our records. If this is the case, please send an email using your registered email address to Pensioncare@TangerineAPT.Africa to update your mobile telephone number.

 You can also update your current telephone number at any of our branches nationwide.

If your mobile telephone number is correct, it could mean that we have not received any contributions on your behalf recently. In that case, kindly liaise with your employer for the remittance of your outstanding contributions.

I haven’t received my RSA statement/balance for quite a while. What is wrong?

We typically send your RSA statement/balance of account for each quarter in the first month of the new quarter via SMS, email or post.

If you have not received your statement/balance through any of these means, please check that you have not changed your mobile telephone number, email address or correspondence address in recent times. If you have, you will have to update your details with us. You may do this by logging on to your account through our website www.TangerineAPT.Africa

Alternatively, please send your updated details to You can also update your current details at any of our branches nationwide.

What happens to my RSA and contributions when I change employers?

When a Retirement Savings Account (RSA) is opened and a PIN created, this PIN remains with you for life. This means that a change of employers would have no effect on your RSA.

However, when you change your employer, it is important that you do two things:

  1. Provide us with your new employment details. You may e-mail this information to us, using your registered email address, via Pensioncare@TangerineAPT.Africa
  2. Provide your RSA PIN as well as our Pension Fund Custodian (“PFC”) account details to your new employer for remittance of your monthly contributions. Our PFC details are:

Name Of PFA: TangerineAPT Pensions LTD

Receiving Bank: First Bank Plc

Account Number: 2008709004

Bank Sort Code: 11154686