I work in the private sector and have been with my current employer for two years and no remittance has been made on my behalf. What can I do to get my remittance?

Making remittances on your behalf is the sole responsibility of your employer and so when you commence any employment, it is important that you provide your employer with your Retirement Savings Account (RSA) PIN number and our Pension Fund Custodian (PFC) details (as shown in your Pension Registration Certificate). However where non-remittance issues arise for other reasons and are brought to our attention, our Relationship Managers will liaise with your employer to resolve the issue. It is however important to mention that PFAs are not empowered to enforce compliance

I noticed that my account is not up to date and my employer confirmed remittance in my new name.

Please note that your name on our database and contribution schedule sent by your employer must be the same for ease of crediting your account. If your name has changed on your employer’s records and remittance has been made in the new name, we request you notify us and provide the supporting documents to enable us update your details and credit your account accordingly.